A Charming Girl at the Cigar Store          No. 275

                   ( タバコ屋の娘 )


Down on the corner_, / there’s a cigar store,

Where you’ll fi_nd  a_  charming girl.

Her age is eighteen. / She’s at her best.

You’ll see_  how cute she i_s.

Whenever_  I go to buy some cigarettes,

She_  sho_ws  me a nice smi___le.

That’s why I’ll go there / every morn(ing) and every evening /

To_  buy some cigarettes.



These days every morning / and every evening,

He co_mes  to_  buy some cigarettes.

I wonder how much he likes cigarettes !

I’__m amazed at hi_m.

Also_  when he_ takes the cigarettes,

Oh, I hate the loo_k  in his eye__s.

He isn’t bu_t  a_  good customer, though.

I’ll say “Thank you.” ”Come again.”



Down the the corner_, / there’s a cigar store,

Where you’ll fi_nd  a_  charming girl.

She_  used to_  loo_k  /  stuck-u_p  an_d  pri__m. /

But these days she’s  not so ba_d.

“Good morning.”,  ”Good afternoon..”,  “Good evening.”, “He, he.”

She see_ms  more courteou___s..

That’s why I’ll go there, as often_  as I can /

To_  buy some cigarettes.



2003. 11. 2, 3, 4                                    Translated by:  B. Ito

(2003. 11. 7, 9    advice from Ross Klatte, sci.lang.japan) 2003. 11. 8, 10


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   園 ひさし 作詞
鈴木静一 作曲



向こう横丁の タバコ屋の
かわいい 看板娘
年は十八 番茶も出花


買いにゆきゃ やさしい笑顔 


タバコを 買いにゆく



この頃 毎朝毎晩
タバコを買ってく あの人は
なんてタバコを 喫むんでしょう   あきれた人ね

おまけにタバコを 渡すとき
それでもお店にゃ 大事なお客

    毎度 ありがとう



向こう横丁の タバコ屋の
かわいい 看板娘
はじめはつんと すましていたが    この頃うちとけ

お早よう今日は 今晩は へへ お愛想よろしい 

じゃんじゃん 買いにゆく