Charm of Ocarina                  No. 323


Original Lyrics:   Yuuzuki Kaoru

Composed by:     HIDE

Original Singer:  Oda Kyouko

English Version Translated by:     B. Ito

English Version Vocal Sample by:   Everybody

Karaoke MIDI Arrangement :       HIDE  


Out  of the cute  /  clay-flute  in ha__nd,

Flows out a  /  stream of  charming  tones.

Hugged by the warm,  /  dreamy  melody,

Wandering spirits float  /  in a fantastic world.

There is  the wind  /  that carries you away.

May you  go  up  /   and  through  the  high  clouds !



Forgetting  about  /  daily chores  for a whi__le,

You may move  /  to a peaceful  sea-side.

Hearing the sounds  /  of the waves rolling in,

Your swelling hearts are  /  filled with the  supreme bliss.

There are  the echoes  /  of the singing ocarinas.

May they  sound around  /  and across  the  vast  sea !



Musical  notes  /  seem to flash  and da__nce.

So  play them  /  just as you  would  like.

In the joyous world  /  of such warm light

Many people will  /  open their hearts.

There are  the ocarinas  /  gathering friendship.

May they  reach the skies  /  and as high  as  they  ma__y !


2004. 8. 28, 29                          Translated by: B. Ito

(2004. 8. 29, 30, 31, 9/ 2, 9   advice from HIDE & Yuuzuki Kaoru )

2004. 8. 29, 30, 31. 9/ 2, 8, 10, 10/ 28



        作詞:夕月 馨




こぼれ出す 優しい音色
彷徨う心 夢幻の彼方
風に乗り 飛んでいけるよ
どこまでも あの雲を抜けて







たどり着く やすらぎの浜
打ち寄せる 音の波間に
漂う心 至福の時よ
高らかに 歌うオカリナ
響きゆけ あの海を渡り






奏でよう 気の向くままに
あたたかな 光の中で
誰かの心 扉を開き
友情を 結ぶオカリナ
届いてよ あの空を越えて