The Harvest Moon at Akagi Mountain           No. 326

名 月 赤 城 山



Inspired by Kunisada Chu-ji,  /  by his pure manhood,

A bunch of fellows got together,  /  (on the top of)  Akagi Mountain.

In the clear night skies,  /  there’s a round bright moon.

Someone is playing the bamboo flute  /  at such a night.



Even the strong man’s pride  /  with full of courage

Had finally gotten stuck and  /  now he was pursued.

He never wanted to disgrace  /  his life as an outlaw.

The fallen leaves on his straw sandals  /  gave him a good scolding.



The flying wild geese were crying  /  but were not lined well.

Chu-ji wondered where they would fly  /  to seek for their roosts.

The bamboo flute sounded keen  /  to his uneasy mind.

The midnight wind also started  /  making   noise again.



2004. 10. 3                             Translated by:  B. Ito

(2004. 10. 4     Advice from H. Shimizu, B. Ito’s BBS)


名月赤城山   昭和14

作詩  矢島寵児

作曲  菊地 博

ごころに 男が惚れて
意気が解け合う 赤城山
澄んだ夜空の まんまる月に
今宵横笛 誰が吹く


意地の筋金 度胸のよさも
いつか落目の 三度笠
云われまいぞえ やくざの果てと
悟る草鞋(わらじ)に 散る落葉


渡る雁がね 乱れて啼いて
明日はいずこの ねぐらやら
心しみじみ 吹く横笛に
またも騒ぐか 夜半の風