The Moon Over The Deserted Castle       P.  46

(  荒城の月 )



In_  spring  when  cherry  blossoms  (were)  in  full  bloom, /  there  sure  was a  banquet.

U_p in_ the moonlit  castle  pavilion,  /  turns  of  winecu_ps  never  quit.

Pro_bably  the_  then_  moonlight  li_t  /   through  the  old  pine  bran_ches  so  much.

But now the moonlight can't reproduce / the old time bri_ghtness as such.



In_  autumn  when  the  castle (was covered)  in  frost,  /  there  sure was a silvery scene.

Many  and many a  crying  wild  goose/  traveling in the sk_y were see_n.

E_very  climbing  plan_t  used  to  shine  /   in_  the  moo_nlight’s  touch.

But now the moonlight can't reproduce/ the old time bri_ghtness so  much.



No_w  a_t  midnight  the  moon  shines  down  /  on  the_  o_ld  castle  walls.

For  whom  is  the  moon  shining /   through  the  ni_ght  and  the  halls ?

A_ll  I  can_  see  le_ft  on  the  fence  /  are  only_  old  vines.

A_ll  I  can  hear  now  are  the  songs  /  of  winds  a_nd  the  pines.



The_ heaven_ly  bodies u_p in the sky /  will  never  cha_nge  themse_lves.

Rise  and  fall  are  natural  matters  /   in_  human   society  se_lves.

I-                   wonder  if  the  moon’s  willing  /  to  show  u_s  the  ru_le.

The_  midnight  moon  i_s  still  high  u_p  /   above  the_  o_ld  castle.



2000. 1 . 29, 30, 31/ 2. 1, 8. 2003.4.28             Translated by:   B.  Ito

(2000.2.1  probably posted to slj and was favored with good advice,

2003.4.29, 30   advice from Gyve Turquoise & Kouji Ueshiba, sci.lang.japan) 2003. 4. 29

2003. 5. 11






This flute performance is presented by Ms Keiko Takenaka who is a member of Nihon

Furuuto Kyoukai (The Japan Flute Association ) and President of Karabinka Flute Association.

She is a holder of the Master Class Flute License given by Mr. Paul Meisen during her

practical study in Detmold Hochschule fuer Musik in 1995. Her E-Mail above.




      土井晩翠: 作詞

     滝錬太郎: 作曲



春高楼の 花の宴

めぐる盃 かげさして

千代の松が枝 わけ出でし

むかしの光 いまいずこ




秋陣営の 霜の色

鳴き行く雁の 数見せて

植うるつるぎに 照りそいし

むかしの光 いまいずこ



いま荒城の よわの月

替われぬ光 たがためぞ



垣に残るは ただ葛

松に歌うは ただ嵐



天上影は 替わらねど

栄枯は移る 世の姿

写さんとてか 今もなお

嗚呼荒城の よわの月