The  World  of  The  Stars                No. 251



The_   moon’s absent from the ni_ght  sk_y  / 

fi___lled  up with twinkling li_ghts.

Ho_w  wonderful those star_s  are_ !  /

The_y remind us of our drea_ms.

Me_n’s  wisdom is as un_limite_d  / 

a_s  the ends of the unive_rse,

Let’_s  study with our in_telligence  /

the_  meanings of those star_s.



Clou_ds are absent from the ni_ght  sk_y  /

show__ing us the belt of star_s.

Ho_w  gra__nd  i_t  i___s,  /  the_  belt of the Galaxy !

We_  look u_p  an_d  won__der  /  ho_w  fa_r  i_t  i__s.

Let’_s  start our naviga_tion  /  see_king  for the eternal tru__th.



2003. 10. 6, 8, 9                           Translated by:  B. Ito

(2003. 10. 9    advice from H. Shimizu, B. Ito’s BBS, 2003. 10. 22

Posted to sci.lang.japan but no comments.) 2004. 9. 12



杉谷代水 作詞
Charles Crozat Converse



月なき空に きらめく光
鳴呼その星影 希望のすがた
人智は果なし 無窮の遠に
いざ其の星形 きわめも行かん








雲なき空に 横とう光
ああ洋々たる 銀河の流れ
仰ぎて眺むる 万里のあなた
いぎ棹させよや 窮理の船に