Plovers On The Shore          No. 319



Un_der the_  pale moo_nli_ght  /  there’_s  an open_  seasi_de.

Little_  plovers  are  cry_ing,  /  seeking out their_  pare_nts.

They_  must be stray_ing from ano_ther lan_d;  /  some_where  over_ the wa_ves.

Their_  wet wing_s  are gli_tter_ing  /  in_  a silver_  co_lor__.



I_t’s  sadder_  to hear_  them cry_  /  in_  the mi_ddle  of the ni_ght,

Wan_ting to_  see their_  paren_ts  /  over_  an_d beyon_d  the sea__.

They_  must be retur_ning to ano_ther lan_d;  /  some_where under  the moonli_ght.

Goo_d  luck to you_,  little_  plo_ver_s  /  wi_th  the sil_very wi_ngs.


2004. 7. 29. 8/ 2                                  Translated by:  B. Ito

(2004. 8. 2     advice and comments from Bart Mathias, Anonymous Gaijin,

sci.lang.japan) 2004. 8. 2



この尺八入りの伴奏は吉田様のサイト: にて







青い月夜の 浜辺には
親を探して 鳴く鳥が
波の国から 生まれでる
濡(ぬ)れたつばさの 銀の色





夜鳴く鳥の 悲しさは
親を尋ねて 海こえて
月夜の国へ 消えてゆく
銀のつばさの 浜千鳥