My  Hometown                     No. 215

( 故郷 )



I’d  o_ften  cha_se  hares  /  a_mong  those  hi_lls,  /

And  fished  for  mi_nnows  /  in_  the_  brooks and ri_lls.

Those  dreams  are  /  still  ali_ve  as my eter_nal  memorie_s.

How  un_for_ge__ttable  /  my  home  country i_s  !



I  wonder  ho_w  my  Mom  /  and  Dad  are  no_w,  /

Also  my  o_ld  friends  /  are  getting  along  ho_w.

Even rainy  wea_ther_  /  or  stor_my_  days  ca_n  /

Bring  back  the_  me_mories  /  my  home_town may sca_n.



I’ll  soon  reali_ze  the dreams  /  in  my  picture__.

Then  I’ll  be  ba_ck  again  /  some  day  in the futu_re.

Tho_se  moun_tains  used to be a_ll  gree_n  / 

ba_ck  in_  my  memory_.

The_  river_  water_  u_sed  to be clear_  /  

in_  my_  home country_.


2003. 4. 30. 5/ 1                            Translated by:  B. Ito

(2003. 5. 1, 2, 3  advice from Gyve Turquoise, Cindy, Ross Klatte,

Don Kirkman, Kouji Ueshiba and Bart Mathias, sci.lang.japan)

2003. 5. 1, 2, 2a. 2008.1.9, 21






This flute performance is presented by Ms Keiko Takenaka who is a member of Nihon

Furuuto Kyoukai (The Japan Flute Association ) and President of Karabinka Flute

Association. She is a holder of the Master Class Flute License given by Mr. Paul Meisen

during her practical study in Detmold Hochschule fuer Musik in 1995. Her E-Mail above.






(うさぎ)追いし かの山
小鮒(こぶな)釣りし かの川
夢は今も めぐりて、
忘れがたき 故郷(ふるさと)


如何(いか)に在(い)ます 父母
雨に風に つけても
思い出(い)ずる 故郷

(こころざし)を はたして
いつの日にか 帰らん
山は青き 故郷
水は清き 故郷